Wednesday, May 9, 2007

from my journal...


Back in Christmas of 2002, as a gift, i bought matching journals for Mark and I to use to plan and record all of the future epic adventures we would experience together. A couple weeks later time we sat down to start planning our calendar for 2003 and to dream big for the epic adventures that we would pursue in years to come.

here's the excerpt:

January 14, 2003 - trip planning

1. Gunting (a very unique form of golfing and hunting to which i will speak to later) - early november 2003 - ** for sure

2. Flyfishing trout - Bighorn River - Billings, MT - April 25-28, 2003 ** - for sure

3. Flyfishing trout - Madison River - Big Sky, MT - June 18 - 22, 2003 ** - for sure

4. Hunting Bluebills - Lake of the Woods - Nestor Falls, OT - Oct 15-19 or Oct 29 - Nov1

other possibilities - Hunting hogs in tx, ducks and geese in saskatch or SD

Dreams and epic trips for life:
  • Argentina - Duck & Goose

  • Tierra del fuego - Southern most tip of argentina - giant sea run trout

  • Chile - float trip - trout

  • Alaska - sea ducks - harlequin, old squaw, eiders and scoters - Island X

  • Alaska - cast & blast - salmon, puddleducks, and ptarmigan

  • Kamchatka peninsula, Russia - giant trout

  • Mongolia - fish for 4ft long taimen

  • New Zealand - cast & blast, giant trout and ducks from down under

  • Seychelles - Milkfish, bones, etc

  • Yucatan - Bones

  • Belize/venezuela - bones, permit, tarpon

  • cabo - roosterfish, sailfish

P.S. - the photos attached are proof that Leeks and i were not just planning for the sake of planning. 2003 produced several great adventures to the bighorn, madison, gunting, steve-o's cabin for ducks, and bluebills (super-charged, jet screaming ducks) on lake of the woods.
Love you Leeks.

- Benjamin Henry Duininck


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