Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Memories- By Jim Forsythe

From the ages of 12 to 17 Mark and I were very close. We were on the same hockey team for 3 years. I slept over at his house more that I slept at my parents house. There are so many memories I have of Mark, but there is one that sticks out the most and forever will.I can't remember that exact year, but Mark and I were playing on the same hockey team when we were Bantams. I had broke my arm in his basement playing some game in which we shot one another with Nerf arrows while flying around on Rollerblades. After that I was unable to play hockey for the remainder of the season. Our team got another goaltender for the last games before the playoffs. I couldn't go to the games because I hated the fact I was not playing and they were winning. Our team, minus me, had just won the game to send them into the championship game. I was at home and I got a phone call from Mark. He was calling from his Dad's Suburban. If you knew Mark and were friends with him, then you knew about the StarCraft Suburban. It had one of those old school cell phones between the front seats. Anyway, Mark called me to tell me they won. Or course I didn't want to hear that, but nevertheless, he told me they won 4 to nothing. I asked how the goalie on our team played. Mark's exact words were, "He was brutal". Now, our goalie had a shutout and stopped every puck he saw. How Brutal could he have been? Mark knew that it was eating me up inside about not playing and by him saying that made me feel so much better and that was just how Mark was. He always wanted to make others feel good. After that they picked me up for another 3 day/night sleep over at the Wauterlek residents.Some other quick memories of Mark.............Him launching pucks at me in the basementNot letting me sleep at hockey camp until I could heap. Don't ask!Making cinnamon heaps before church( Tortillas with a couple pads of butter and tons of cinnamon and sugar. Zap in microwave for 30 seconds, roll and enjoy)
Making home videos......I am sure some of you have heard of "The Video"

Opening boxes of hockey cards, launching golf balls with the water balloon launcher.
Painting the fence out by the road. I don't think we ever finished!
"Here's your cone"
Whenever I would get hurt doing something I shouldn't have, Mark would say "enjoy the pain". Carnation instant breakfasts.
Golf ball hawking.
He never fought with his brother, I never saw it.
That tells you a lot about Mark.
Wing commander. He was the pilot and I was the gunner.
Jim Paek

All of these make me laugh out loud. That was all we did. I always had fun with Mark. He was so cool to be with and he always made you feel good. He just had that positivity about him. You hear of people being filled with the Lord, and Mark really was one of those people. I cherish every memory. I always had a good time when we hung out.

You will be missed Mark! You were the "Wayne Gretzky" of friends!

The best of the best.

Jim Forsythe

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