Monday, July 23, 2007

a note from Hamish

i miss you a lot mark. i miss how you try to tell me to do things and i just pretend i don't hear you. i pretty much know what i need to do as a dog in life, but i always appreciated your input.

I must confess now that sometimes when we were hunting together, i'd all of a sudden get the crazy urge to bust way upfield and out of gun range and flush everything in sight... i know you hated this, but its not like you were gonna punish me. and besides, you have to admit it was pretty funny.

but what i really miss is when your good friends come over and i give them a good scare either via a bark or a bite... i mean i'm talking guys like engie and others that i've known for years. why do i do it? i don't know. i guess it feels good to be naughty.

anyway, i gotta get back to laying around in john and vicky's bed, they woke me up way too early this morning.

oh, i hope you like the pic. i'm pretty much the greatest dog ever and this photo really captures the essence of my dominance on this planet.

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