Saturday, May 19, 2007

"...with that million dollar grin" Memories of Mark by Dawn (Mark's Cousin)

My memories of Mark go all the way back to when he was born. Being that I am his cousin, we had numerous visits and babysitting stories to share as we both became adults. Mark was a wonderful inspiration to all lives that he touched. I had the privilege of playing golf with he and John last September right after Labor Day at Stone Orchard. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I saw both he and John hit the ball!! It took off like a rocket, and of course always landed in just the right place. I remember both Mark and John both saying to me, just get up there "Dawnie", and hit it, you can do it!! All of us that day had a great round, and enjoyable late summer sunny day, with lots of laughing, and fellowship. I had no idea, that that day would be the only time that I would have the privledge to witness such athletic talent with a most difficult and challenging sport. The most lovable memory I will always have is Mark's smile. He always could light up a room with that million dollar grin. I was so lucky to have Mark as my cousin, and tohave him in my life if only for a brief little while. He has etched a warm spot in my heart,and I will never forget you.

Rest well my dear friend, and know thatwe all miss you tremendously.


Your cousin in Colorado Dawn

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