Thursday, June 21, 2007

From a wife’s perspective…

(photo added by ben: big sky 2002... riding 3 abreast on the bench seat in the grizzly one... the only way we'd ride)

My name is Nicky Engblom and I am married to Pete Engblom “Engie” (sp?).

Pete roomed with Mark through most of college and up until we were married. I am so thankful for the friendship and brotherhood he provided to Pete. They spent countless hours fishing, talking, taking care of Hamish (the dog), laughing and praying. One of my favorite Mark roommate memories is of when they lived in the farmhouse and I was helping them clean and I asked Mark where the vacuum was so I could vacuum up some of the dog hairs. He responded “Oh Nichole you don’t need to vacuum those - just push them aside with your shoe like this.” It was at that point that Sarah became a regular in my prayers = )
When we moved to Colorado Springs Mark would come and visit. One visit is permanently engrained in my mind. We were newly married and taking care of a seven year old and her five year old brother for 3 weeks. Being newly married and having an instant family was a bit stressful. I remember Pete and Mark had left early in the morning to go fishing and were now about a half hour late for dinner. The nine year old came up to me and said “I think we need to pray for them.” I was rushing to finish dinner, help the younger one with his homework and clean up a bit. I looked at her and said “Laura, they are ALWAYS late when they are together – they’re fine.” She looked at me and insisted – “no we need to pray.” I apologized and we prayed together for their safety and their friendship. Five minutes later Pete called and informed me that he had fallen off a 35 to 40 foot cliff and in an effort to grab him before he fell Mark had dislodged a boulder which missed hitting Pete in the head by about 3 inches. Pete miraculously survived with only some scrapes and at dinner they were laughing that Pete was able to survive the fall but was almost done in by Mark. I learned my lesson and prayed often for them whenever they were together.
I don’t know why we lost Mark and trying to explain all of this to my 3 year old has strengthened my faith in ways I cannot explain. I know there will never be another Mark but losing him has taught me the importance of praying for Pete and for his friendships. It has also taught me to encourage Pete to look for those trips with friends. To go guilt free, instead of “really, you going away for ten days and leaving me by myself with two kids, no family around and a large dog.” To encourage him to cherish the time and to have the adventures that made Mark, Mark and make Pete, Pete. There is a line from a hymn “soon and very soon we are going to see the King.” There is comfort in that.
May you be blessed,
Nicky Engblom

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